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e-mail blocked - have questions


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Brought here from a PM ....

I know this is not the forum, however, I signed up today because I found my (completely business related, single user addressed) emails being blocked by spamcop.

So now, after 7 years with the same ISP (the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - which is the text you will find at the bottom of the "About Internet Explorer" help screen), my email service has been rendered useless by your serivce.

I am now the proverbial "one-armed paperhanger" - as my ability to communicate is crippled and my business ability will be likewise limited.

Who should receive my messages regarding this issue?

Thank you for your help.

PM sent to advise of this 'new' Topic.

FAQs provided, a Forum section devoted to this issue, tons of previous visitors that have posted about their problems, the majority of them resolved. But one would note that any 'help' tends to start with having some data provided to work with.

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Just a small issue .... the user that sent the PM, read my PM, made a visit here, read the contents of this Discussion (at the time, only the post I'd copied into existence) and then left .....?????

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