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Andy Dkolav - notorious spammer - Drefop,xsitehost.com


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I routinely get spam with spamvertised websites that belong to "Andy Dkolav". The WHOIS lists the same contact information for all websites. The registrar is always xsitehost.com. I want to pursue him and shut him down for good. The reporting address is always DEVNULL. What can I do besides reporting to spamcop?

Here is WHOIS from one of his spamvertised websites...

 Berks st.45-34
 Riga, no 68766

 Domain name: NMMBWQO.COM

 Administrative Contact:
	Dkolav, Andy  domain[at]kolpoka.com
	Berks st.45-34
	Riga, no 68766
 Technical Contact:
	Kopolot, Gref  admin[at]xsitehost.com
	3422 Old Capitol Trail Suite 700
	 Country of New Castle City of Wilmington, Delawere 19808
	+7095-123-6357	Fax: +7095-102-7897

 Registration Service Provider:
	G Net Inc, admin[at]xsitehost.com
	+7095113-7398 (fax)

 Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
 Record last updated on 29-Jul-2006.
 Record expires on 29-Jul-2007.
 Record created on 29-Jul-2006.

 Domain servers in listed order:

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Not much unless you have a lot of money and time. Even the big players like Earthlink and AOL don't have much luck at shutting them down permanently.

IMHO, the more people who will use blocklists to stop spam or use ISPs who use blocklists (and not whine to their ISP about how a legitimate user who is using an ISP who is either irresponsible or incompetent is being blocked), the more likely that anybody who will buy from spammers (or respond to the scammers) will ever see a spam or scam. And therefore, the less profitable it will be. Educating the average end user to the advantages of using an ISP who uses blocklists is the best way to end spamming. Content filters should only be used by those who are willing to sort through the spam/scam in case there is a legitimate email and should cost extra.

So my answer is to do something to educate the public.

Miss Betsy

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