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How can I get myself unblocked?


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Following is the message I got when my email bounced. I was writing to info[at]region-47.ru , and am using the email server yandex.ru

In fact, my first message got to them, and they wrote back. It was when I replied to their reply that my message bounced as blocked by spamcop. I don't remember this problem before.

Can you explain this?


This is a collection of reports about email delivery

process concerning a message you originated.

Some explanations/translations for these reports

can be found at:



Control data:

smtp region-47.ru info[at]region-47.ru 99

Diagnostic texts:


<<- MAIL From:<rakovskii[at]yandex.ru> BODY=8BITMIME SIZE=1293

->> 250 2.1.0 Ok

<<- RCPT To:<info[at]region-47.ru> NOTIFY=FAILURE

->> 554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked

using bl.spamcop.net; Blocked - see


Following is a copy of MESSAGE/DELIVERY-STATUS format section below.

It is copied here in case your email client is unable to show it to you.

The information here below is in Internet Standard format designed to

assist automatic, and accurate presentation and usage of said information.

In case you need human assistance from the Postmaster(s) of the system


sent you this report, please include this information in your question!

Virtually Yours,

Automatic Email Delivery Software

Reporting-MTA: dns; mfront8.yandex.ru

Arrival-Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 02:44:14 +0400

Local-Spool-ID: S536871AbWHOWoO

Final-Recipient: RFC822;info[at]region-47.ru

Action: failed

Status: 5.7.1

Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 554 (Service unavailable; Client host

[] blocked using bl.spamcop.net; Blocked - see


Remote-MTA: dns; ny.synomatic.com (|25||38379)

Last-Attempt-Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 02:44:30 +0400

X-ZTAID: smtp[11198]

Following is copy of the message headers. Original message content may

be in subsequent parts of this MESSAGE/DELIVERY-STATUS structure.

Received: from YAMAIL (mfront8.yandex.ru) by mail.yandex.ru

id <S536871AbWHOWoO>; Wed, 16 Aug 2006 02:44:14 +0400

Received: from [] ([]) by mail.yandex.ru with

HTTP; Wed, 16 Aug 2006 02:44:14 +0400 (MSD)

Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 02:44:14 +0400 (MSD)

From: "Hal Smith" <rakovskii[at]yandex.ru>

Sender: rakovskii[at]yandex.ru

Message-Id: <44E24E3E.000002.12621[at]mfront8.yandex.ru>

MIME-Version: 1.0

X-Mailer: Yamail [ http://yandex.ru ]

Errors-To: rakovskii[at]yandex.ru

To: info[at]region-47.ru

Subject: =?KOI8-R?B?UmU6IOjB0s/MxCAg883J1A==?=

In-Reply-To: <76463458.20060815124352[at]region-47.ru>

Reply-To: rakovskii[at]yandex.ru

References: <76463458.20060815124352[at]region-47.ru>


Content-Type: text/plain;


Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

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If there are no reports of ongoing objectionable email from this system it will be delisted automatically in approximately 3 hours.

Causes of listing

System has sent mail to SpamCop spam traps in the past week (spam traps are secret, no reports or evidence are provided by SpamCop)

SpamCop users have reported system as a source of spam less than 10 times in the past week

Additional potential problems

(these factors do not directly result in spamcop listing)

System administrator has already delisted this system once

Because of the above problems, express-delisting is not available

Listing History

In the past 45.3 days, it has been listed 6 times for a total of 3.9 days

Other hosts in this "neighborhood" with spam reports

Looks like a spam friendly neighbourhood to me!

Volume Statistics for this IP

Magnitude Vol Change vs. Average

Last day 4.2 147%

Last 30 days 3.5 -54%

Average 3.8

not to mention:

ISP does not wish to receive reports regarding - no date available

Routing details for

[refresh/show] Cached whois for : abuse[at]yandex.ru postmaster[at]yandex.ru

Using abuse net on abuse[at]yandex.ru

abuse net yandex.ru = abuse[at]yandex.ru

Using best contacts abuse[at]yandex.ru

All kinds of spam, fraud and phishers (besides spam trap hits) coming from that server:

Submitted: Monday, August 14, 2006 11:38:32 PM -0400:

Mr Fagbulu Adams

1877094443 ( ) To: spamcop[at]imaphost.com

1877094431 ( ) To: abuse[at]yandex.ru


Submitted: Sunday, July 09, 2006 12:23:58 AM -0400:

[spam] Your health, Mid-american

1831000980 ( ) To: spamcop[at]imaphost.com

1831000959 ( ) To: abuse[at]yandex.ru


Submitted: Friday, July 07, 2006 3:16:46 PM -0400:

From Mrs Mamie Guei.

1829393808 ( ) To: mole[at]devnull.spamcop.net


Submitted: Saturday, July 01, 2006 1:03:11 PM -0400:

Time to do GOOD!!! +FILES

1821323972 ( ) To: abuse[at]yandex.ru


Submitted: Wednesday, June 28, 2006 12:39:01 AM -0400:

from a friend

1815921209 ( http://www.fraudaid.com/scamspeak/nigerian/abac... ) To: abuse[at]hostway.com

1815921159 ( http://www.fraudaid.com/scamspeak/nigerian/abac... ) To: support[at]hostway.com

1815921133 ( http://www.fraudaid.com/scamspeak/nigerian/abac... ) To: postmaster[at]hostway.com

1815921104 ( ) To: spamcop[at]imaphost.com

1815921077 ( ) To: abuse[at]yandex.ru

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Thanks for the info, dra007.

Does that mean that spamcop considers emails sent from [anyone'sname][at]yandex.ru to be spam, and bounce them? I was able to get my mail sent to the person in the first place, just my reply back was bounced. What now?


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...Does that mean that spamcop considers emails sent from [anyone'sname][at]yandex.ru to be spam, and bounce them?...
SpamCop considers nothing - people who want to block spam from the known spam source, IP address, may block or filter all messages from there using the SC blocklist while that address remains on the blocklist. That is their decision (or at least their ISP's). That is not the same as blocking the email address but would have a similar effect for some or maybe all [at]yandex.ru users.
...I was able to get my mail sent to the person in the first place, just my reply back was bounced. ...
Probably just coincidence - the SCBL reacts quickly, coincidentally spammers got noticed and the BL updated in between the two messages.
...What now?
Once the spam stops, the IP address times off the BL. Or the domain admin/ISP might take action to shut down the spammers and get the address delisted early (not an option in this case). Or the domain admin/ISP might switch you to another server which is not blocked (though many of his other servers also seem to be frequently blocked). You might be able to get yourself whitelisted (your email address) by [at]region-47.ru if they can run the whitelist before the SCBL. If you don't like the service your ISP is providing to you through the inconvenience to you that his providing a home to so many spammers causes, complain to him. If he can't satisfy you, go elsewhere for your internet services.
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