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My 2nd ISP refuses to forward to Spamcop


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My ISP was swallowed again, Inter.Net Canada swallowed by Uniserve. At least an annual event... it seems.

AFAIK Uniserve is no more spam friendly than Inter.Net, but ... maybe dumber ;-).

They now refuse to forward my email to my spamcop account. The "IT department" says that causes their IP address to be blocked.

They profess to believe that

1) - a single spam report can block "all of Inter.Net"

2) - if inter.net appears in the relay path, spamcop will "believe" inter.net is the source of the spam and block inter.net.

I explained it don't work that way.

No headway ... I said you have to talk to spamcop if there's any IP blockage based on a bad report. They seem to think the process doesn't work, some vague reasoning.

What I DIDN'T say is that if they stop forwarding, I can just pop it from here...

I just mention this ... does spamcop have a PR program to establish and maintain relationships with ISPs?? Can you talk to Uniserve??


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Section 8 - SpamCop's System & Active Staff User Guide

Julian, IronPort ... note they don't post here or in the newsgroups these days ....

Don, Ellen, RW ... already trying to handle their self-admitted 800-1800 e-mails a day with various SpamCop.net issues

JT - busy handlig his side of things .. noting that "IronPort does not control him or his assets"

The rest of us .... volunteers

Don/Deputies have much dialog with many ISPs .... usually dealing with working out problems

I have dealt with many, trying to research other user's issues ...

Proactive PR ???? Basically boils down tto "that's what the FAQ is for" .... best I can offer anyway <g>

But yes, I will agree that the philosophy and facts expressed are not representative of the actual truth ... but then again, we don't know how they gained their knowledge ....

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Too bad it went this way... if instead of selling out to IronPort, Spamcop had decided to fund itself via whitehat ISPs chipping in.

It could have become essentially an association of ISP members... dedicated to the spam issue.

Think how things might have gone... ;-)

"Spamcop Member" could be a hallmark of a spam-unfriendly ISP, a brand recognized by spam-hating end users.

The ISP might pay a few hundred to thousands a year, to fund real improvements and a tight coordinated process, and we'd have some insight into what is actually happening.

As far as PR for Spamcop and ISP cooperation... ISPs might be falling all over themselves to match the competition and join... and bring what they do or don't do into the open.

Instead it APPEARS to be a system where everybody MIGHT have a vested interest in the problem NOT being solved ... except the hardy volunteers ... and the customers...

--- oh well ;-)

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