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How To Report Message With No Body Text ?


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I can't seem to do it right by forwarding to my submit address. How do you do that when there is no message body text? That is what I am asking.

What is a submit form, and how do you do that?

If you or someone else could address both scenarios, I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks.


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Tutorial not offered, no walk-throughs .. this is a Topic that is being moved to the Reporting Help Forum ....

The How to use ... Forum section is for instructional material

What is needed for a "good" answer is more data ...

What tools are in use?

How are you determining the "no body" condition? (see http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=3571 )

What does the e-mail header look like? Previous actual "no body" spams tended to also have broken line in the header.

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If you are referring to an empty message (no body at all) then they are not submittable per the "What can I (not) submit?" rules in the spamcop FAQ.

However, if you are referring to a message which simply contains no text in the body but instead contains a graphic attachment or something else, then there are a few options.

The easiest way is to view the message source so you can see the headers and original message text (some mail readers will even give you the original base 64 encoding of the attachments which is great, however many readers don't show you any mime sections other than text or html sections). If your mail reader forwards the ENTIRE message as attachment, including the non text or html mime sections, then you should be able to submit by simply forwarding.

On the other hand, if that method is not working for you, then most likely your mail reader is not forwarding the entire message, but only the text/html section of the body. If this is the case, you will have to go to spamcop.net, login using your original spamcop.net username and password. You should be presented with a form to copy and paste your spam to.

If you are using outlook, you will need to click on the link for the outlook form, which gives you a two-part form. The top part is to paste the headers, the bottom is to place the body. In this case, since you have no email body, simply inserting relevant text like "body includes only an image file, which can be forwarded on request" or something similar will allow the message to parse and submit correctly.

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Then you're going to have to start with the SpamCop FAQ, links at the top of this very page.

No one 'here' has access to your Reporting account details.

In general, your "login account" there would be your 'registered (there)' e-mail account.

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