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Verify Email??? sure... NOT!


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Amazing on how the spammer rules apply...
got another spam today where the spammer is asking, in a multipart email with complete nonsense content, to verify my email...

yeah, right...

I wish I still had my clue by four 


Oh well, LART through SC...

P.S. For those who are unfamiliar with the term: LART is an acronym for Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool

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37 minutes ago, ninth said:

Thanks for that Robi we could do with a laugh about now.

That has happened to me out of the blue because they get addresses by dodgy means.

A lot of my spammed addresses have been gotten not from but others who use weak passwords, Wi-Fi in retail places, no virus detection, VPN.
These clowns got my info from last millennium by buying out a credit provider I never actually used but remember putting a deposit on a fridge
which I needed quickly as the old one broke down and they needed ID in case I didn't pay I suppose, Australian made Fridge/Freezer still going today!

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Those clowns were hacked just recently but luckily no bank details were leaked. I got a quote for insurance 10 years ago and they got my details during a cyber attack last year. These companies are lacking online security or the turncoat employees are the source of the password leak.

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I reckon the verify is from 3rd party marketing signing me up and then the company does a check to see if it is real and not a bot. They will do anything to get commission for credit card details including impersonation. 


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