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Configuration of Mailhost using YAHOO MAIL

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I am using YAHOO MAIL web based.

I’m redoing my MAILHOSTS.

The help for YAHOO MAIL has this:

“Since Yahoo! does not provide a raw email source feature, it is easiest to report spam received in your Yahoo! account by using the SpamCop email interface. Simply forward (as attachment) the offending email to your personal spam reporting address.”

The returned email for SpamCop] account configuration emailI has this:

                       Alternately, you may submit via email.  Forward the message as an attachment to this address.


This can not be done in YAHOO.  YAHOO Customer Care says this:


Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.
I understand you want to forward email as an attachment from your Yahoo!
Mail account. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and
let me address this for you.
Unfortunately the feature or functionality that you're describing is not
currently available in the newest version of Yahoo! Mail.


This also has been removed from YAHOO:

-  Press Shif+Alt+F (simultaneously).

-  It will automatically compose a new message with the selected e-mail(s) added as an attachment. So just add an e-mail address and send.


The current and updated YAHOO mail versions don't have any of these attachment methods.

So I'm currently stuck with no MAILHOST because I can't forward the test emails as a YAHOO attachment.

I can copy and past the RAW MESSAGE, but that doesn't appear to do me any good if I'm not able to send it anywhere.


I also tried this:

                         Please return this complete email, preserving full headers and the special

                        tracking codes below.  Visit this address:


I pasted the YAHOO raw message into the Paste headers (or entire intact email) here: box.

Nothing into the second box.

This doesn’t work either.


The point of all of this is how can I satisfy sending full headers and the special tracking codes to the correct location using YAHOO?

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I always use the view raw message option in Yahoo so it works and I do not open the message and let the sender know I look in my spam folder. I tried everything to send as attachment with no luck but I can do this at work using outlook. Cannot do this on the run on the phone.

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I'm coming real close to changing from YAHOO to OUTLOOK on both my desktop PC and Android phone just so I can forward email as an attachment.

I'll use my Windows PC OUTLOOK to do the forwarding as attachment if the my Android version 9 doesn't let me.

Or if there is a different common mail app I can use on both.

I'll give this thread 7 more days then for a answer which I bet doesn't really exist in the YAHOO world.

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