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[Resolved] SpamCop Reporting is Down / Back up


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Alert has been sent to Don/Deputies ... no clues offered as to what's wrong, other than a hard and longer lasting repeat of whatever happened a number of hours back. This is a new display, seeming to show that spam submittals are still arriving (yet folks complaining both here and in the newsgroups about spam submittal failures and error messages) .. but absolutely no reports going out.

Updates will be posted here and in the other Announcement if anything arrives, but the quickest bet would be to watch the graphic and see when it comes back this time .....

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Ellen's e-mail / newsgroup post;

The SpamCop reporting system has had a server failure and someone is at

the colo working on the problem. I do not know how long it is going to

take to fix the problem.

When I hear more news, then I will let y'all know.

Thanks for your patience!

The SpamCop Email system is up and operational.



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Based on the graphic, IronPort staff finally got the systems back on-line .... the Reporting system has been up for a couple of hours now .. so indications that the massive problem has been handled.

Don has stated in another Topic here that receiving spam submittals was turned off for a while as a means of 'self-protection' ... so some submittals never made it, others may have actually been dropped ... others may eventually get processed as the backlog clears .....

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Ellen's latest newsgroup posting on status;

As you can see the system is back up again and processing spam.

*However* the saved spams from previous reports is not entirely back

online but is being copied to the new hardware. If you try to look at

your past history/past reports spams you may see the summary but not be

able to access the actual spam until the history completes the copy

which is going to be a lengthy process. We are copying from newest back

to oldest.

With respect to spams that you submitted overnight when the problems

were developing and on into the AM which were unreported: I do not know

if you will be able to access those spams or not. It is not entirely

clear to me as to whether those will "come back" or not. Y'all will know

that faster than I will.

So the bad news is that some zombied machines/spammers got a free ride

for a few hours but the good news is that the system is burning thru new

spam submissions at terrific speeds and that free ride is going to be at

an end RSN :-)

BTW kudos to operations who pulled folks out of bed and had them onsite

as soon as the problems were reported and who are still onsite and

monitoring the situation closely.



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