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Just got weird email spam? from noreply@forum.spamcop.net


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Not sure where to put this and the "noreply spamcop" email doesn't have any option to follow up. 

Just received an email that says there's a new comment on in an SC discussion. There's no new comment -- the comment glimpse shown in SC's email looks way off topic -- the user that allegedly posted the missing comment is a new user with one post.  I presume this was removed by SC, but have no way of finding out. Thought SC would want to know.


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I assume you are talking about topic "Interpreting SpamCop reports and blocking big spammers"

One of the three forum spam I deleted on 30 Oct was added to that topic. When the spammer posted you and the other person following that thread were sent an email; I deleted the spam post before you check the topic.

This is one of the side effects of having a wide open forum which doesn't run the risk of "AI" blocking some random new user with a valid question?

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The spammer Avalstarten was blocked when I deleted their post.  Their post count is "one" but there are no post listed (the only clue most people can see). Only admin/moderators can see warning points and banishment.

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