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Suggestion: Collapse url hostnames before deciding "too many links."


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I have been noticing more lately that spammer include dozens of links in their spam.  Spamcop's analysis then reports "too many links" and does not send a report to the hosting providers for any web servers in spamvertized links.  Often times the vast majority of the links point to the same web server, either with the same path, or different ones.   But each is counted as a separate link.  I don't know if spammer deliberately do this, knowing that a service like Spamcop will barf and not report the links to their hosting provider, but that is the end result.

My suggestion is to modify the analysis so that it collects the hostnames of all the links in the spam, then removes the duplicate hostnames before deciding if there are too many links.  The result should be more reports sent to web host providers.

Thanks for a great service.

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