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Assumption - Reporting Help requested


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This was extracted from the "How to Use ..." Froum section, the Topic How to log into the web based reporting window ... moved to the Reporting Help forum section ....

Information covered in the tutorial but not mentioned in the question ....

What type of account?

What was the time-length selected in the drop-down .. or was the drop-down even seen?

Both of the above may also be impacted by exactly how the login is being attempted and at what web-page.

Browser not mentioned, cookie-settings not mentioned, any third-party tools in use not mentioned.

Missing data makes it hard to answer ...

PM sent to advise of the split/Move of this new Topic ...

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how may i determine how long i remain logged in?

If you use the login box in the upper right corner at http://www.spamcop.net/ you'll stay logged in until you close your browser.

If you use the Login tab in the upper center of the page, you'll be given some length-of-time options for staying logged in, as well as other login options.

- Don D'Minion - SpamCop Admin -

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I can think of a couple reasons why he would decide to not come back.

Knowing where you're headed with that .. The PMs were in both directions ....

For instance, the first PM to advise of the split/Move was replied to with "What's that supposed to convey?"

It went downhill from there.

Not understood is why he/she would login in to respond to the PMs, but not bother to hit the Topic started.

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thank you, don, for a clear answer to the question i asked :)

there are not "a couple" of reasons for my not having returned until now...i don't live in front of my computer, and am perfectly content to return to a site in a day or a week to see if anyone's posted a reply.

i'm perfectly capable of finding IP addresses, and had for some time, reported spam directly. i'm not in the habit of asking which is "any key;" the stickied post by the sender of the PMs on the forums' home-page was a glaring clue to what i might expect.

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