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SC can't parse this URI: https://bookdnx.cfd#user@example.com

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This looks like a bug in the parsing code. Here is the URI (to a now-disabled phishing site) inside a Content-Type: text/html part:

<a href="https://bookdnx.cfd#user@example.com" ...

The response to reporting I received is below. (Note that SC first masked the email address to x.)

Tracking link: https://bookdnx.cfd#x

No recent reports, no history available
Host bookdnx.cfd#x (checking ip) IP not found ; bookdnx.cfd#x discarded as fake.

bookdnx.cfd#x is not a routeable IP address
Cannot resolve https://bookdnx.cfd#x

It appears to be confused by the lack of slash between the domain and fragment/bookmark, or maybe the uncommon gTLD. Either way, bookdnx.cfd is a resolvable domain (and the lack of slash is valid according to RFC 3986).

Thanks for taking a look!

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