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I have a lot of email addresses that get forwarded to one main address so I can read them all from one place instead of logging in to each one. When I get spam and I want to report it how does Spamcop know that the original address (recipient) was my address or do I need to tell Spamcop all of my email addresses? If so how to I log all my addresses Spamcop needs to know? I ask this because I went through the process of email configuration but every time I report spam it just goes to Spamcop devnull rather than to the host of the spammer.

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If you went through the process of configuring you mailhost that should take care of you forwarded email. Of course always check.

SpamCop devnull is used to internally keep track of reported spam when for some reason SC doesn't want to send a spam report. Reasons for not send a spam report?

  • The recipient has ask not to receive spam reports. {If they don't want the reports (and are going to put them in the bit bucket) why spend the bandwidth to send them? Just another unwanted email clogging the internet}. The report is sent to devnull to keep track of the spam and the report is still used to build the SCBL.
  • If several (3 I think) spam reports have been bounced, SC sets a flag to not send more reports until the bouncing is fixed. The report is devnulled instead for internal tracking and the report is still...
  • If SpamCop feels/understands that the spam report is being sent to/given to the spammer, SC stops sending the reports instead devnulls the report for internal tracking and the report is ...

So all said and done when one of your reported spam is sent to devnull it has nothing to do with you or your reporting; It does have to do with who would have been the intended recipient of the spam report and the method used by SC to keep track of spam and using them to maintain their dynamic SCBL.

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