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Historical Spamcop Listings


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Is there a way to look up old, expired listings? I'm currently using bl.spamcop.net for tagging with very good results, however every now and then I'm getting a "false positive".

Which isn't really a problem as long as I can do a prompt lookup and point the user to the listing: "Look here, this server *IS* sending spam, so mails from this IP *WILL* be tagged as spam. If you don 't like that, talk to the sender, it's *THEIR* problem. If this affects business mail and you want to ask us to whitelist them, please fill in *THIS* form."

Well, but they're (l)users, so I don't expect them to come to me right away. So, what can I tell them if the listing has expired in the meantime? Is there any way to tell why a server was listed? Right now, using the normal query I can't even tell wether the server has been listed in the past.

Good luck,

A. Friend

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