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The next forum upgrade is being beta tested


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We are currently testing the next forum upgrade in beta mode.

The version currently being tested is 2.2.0 RC 3

The SpamCop forum implementation of it is actually currently in alpha mode as many features are currently missing due to the time required to install each and every individual modification currently running in this live version and the only one able to do installation work is Wazoo.

If you are interested in joining the test group of users, please post your request in the FAQ development Forum.

Please do not ask unless you enjoy working with / testing / helping debugging through testing alpha / beta type software and have previous indicated through your postings in this live version, that you understand how the SpamCop Forums work.

For everyone else, please simply consider this an advanced notice that an new version upgrade to the SpamCop forums is being worked on.

Thank you for making use of the SpamCop Support Forums

Don't forget to take a look at the SpamCop Wiki Click here Note: links are also found in the tool bars at the top of every Forum page.

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