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Raves and Kudos


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Brought here from a PM; (minimal editing done)

Alright, I only signed up to the forum for a quick rave in the lounge, and I obviously have missed something.

I just signed us up on Sunday. Our Internet Access Provider, comcast<dot>net, hereinafter referred to as TUS (for The Unspeakable Service), once again blocked my Web Service Provider, brinkster<dot>com, also my forwarding service since they host my domain, and for the fifth time in 6 months all my e-mail is blocked.

It seems their service looks to where the e-mail was forwarded from and not where it originated. I know I have an identity targeted by spam, but I don't think that my own mail should be blocked because I forward to my own service provider.

I heard about your service some time ago, but after a day of use I am quite happy with the simple fact that you easily squash most of the spam and leave me the few legitimate e-mails I really want.

Oh, I did have to whitelist a source, but at least you give me the choice and control. Gods this is great!!!

Please pass this along to all those who make this system work.

Thanks, again

Steve & Kimber <elided for this post>

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