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My username was changed without my consent


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I've been a paid SpamCop user for a long, long time - I joined back before there were paid accounts, or email accounts. At the time I joined, the username I selected was "Spamtrap". When I converted to a paid account, I selected "Spamtrap[at]spamcop.net" as my email account.

I've used "Spamtrap[at]spamcop.net" while posting to USENET for a long time.

Today, I felt motivated to see what was happening on the Spamcop forums here. I hadn't logged in for a long time, so had to register as a new user. My username: spamtrap.

So, I get this private message, below.

I'll invite you to take a look at SECTION 7 - Change of Username to come up with something else. The word "spamtrap" is basically a 'technical' word in these support Forums .... I really don't see the need of the possible confusion of folks managing to work out that "a spamtrap hit" would not be an e-mail "that you received" .....

Since the note said "I'll invite you...", I replied as follows"


I would prefer to keep the username, as that is my honest-to-gosh username on Spamcop.net. Spamtrap[at]spamcop.net is and has been my account on Spamcop for a looooong time. It is also what I use when posting to USENET.


To which I received no reply, only a notice that my username had been changed to:


I did send this note back to "Wazoo":


Well, so much for a discussion, eh?

Your note, above, says "I'll invite you to take a look at ...". I beg your pardon, but I did NOT interpret this as a command from you, but an invitation (i.e., something that was optional).

My reply was "I'd rather keep it"

To which, I receive no reply, except that my user name is changed to "SomethingElse".

Gosh, thanks.


I find the lack of response, just a change, to be quite rude, and needlessly so. A reply of some sort (e.g., sorry if it sounded like other than a request, it is necessary, etc.) would have been nice. That is is needless, in my opinion, is apparently unworthy of any dialogue.


So, having said that, I'll invite "Wazoo" to offer some reply here in public. We'll see to what extent he chooses to bother, or what further rudeness he may or may not provide.

- miffed

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[sent via PM to our truculent Forum Administrator, per the rules]

Since only you can change my UserName, I am apparently at a disadvantage, as you know. Not only can you choose to Ignore my emailed reply to your note, in which I clearly indicated I had understood your note to me to be a request, not a demand, but now I am at your mercy in requesting a replacement.

Enjoying yourself?

What are the rules for choosing a username? In reading Section 7, I see only that one should select something not already chosen. Clearly, "spamtrap" is such a name - and it is MY username on spamcop.net.

Apparently, you will not deign to reply to the above logic.

I do find it distasteful and insulting that you chose to change my username without even the courtesy of a reply. I meant no ill in replying to your email, which was ambiguous at best ("I'll invite you to.."). Do you change others' addresses at your whim?

So, for the record, if you refuse to change my username back to spamtrap, I request you change it to "NoConsent" - as a reminder that you changed my name without consent.

Shame on you, however, for your lack of civility, and apparent lack of courage.

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...Really, now! If this is the worst thing that has ever happened to you in your life, you have it MUCH better than the rest of us!

...Wazoo, the Forum Admin, politely (thus the use of the word "invite") explained why he believed you should change your user id. He is under no obligation to accept your choice of username for the forum. If he did not reply you your response as to why you preferred to keep the name with which you registered, I'd tend to agree that it would have been nicer if he had but, come on, save your ire for something worth being angry about, such as spammers! :) <g>

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From Wazoo's original pm to you, I am assuming that the reason he doesn't want you to use spamtrap as a name is because he has enough trouble trying to get people to look information up before posting. If they search on 'spamtrap' and get references to your post, then there will be more than ever posters who 'can't find anything in the FAQ'

If you have been on the internet for as long as you say, then you must know that it is common to 'lurk' a little while in ngs or forums before you post. If you had lurked a while, then you would know that Wazoo has many irons in the fire, is an unpaid volunteer (on the forum and in his offline life), has a distinctive way of posting that has had a number of people 'insulted' but entirely inadvertently. For those who are thicker skinned, he is an invaluable help in getting to the solution of technical problems. He also has an obsession (IMHO) with getting people to read the FAQ first. Since he has been around at least as long as you have, you should know all this without lurking.

I can understand why you want to continue to use the same user name, but you are not going to get much support from the regulars here if Wazoo thinks that using spamtrap is not a good idea. He may be curmudgeonly and blunt at times (and on the issues where I disagree with him, totally bullheaded), but he has a heart of gold and is only too ready to help anyone in distress.

Miss Betsy

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Hmmmm, facts wrong, timing sequence is not described correctly, life sucks, and yet ....

Item 1: your 'displayed/user name' was changed as soon as it showed up on screen, as the newest member. ACP fired up, name change made, and only then was the PM sent to bring up the chain of events described to change it to somethng 'better' .. followed up by an Admin poting to let the Moderators in on this action, in case there was any fallout (like this)

Item 2: stuff happens .... I only recently got home (0610 as I type this) from the emergency ward of the local hospital .... neighbors involved in am auto accident last night .. and while there for them, the lady living behind me that I have spent time caring for, giving her daughter a bit of a much-needed break every other day or so, was brought in by ambulance .. having yet another massive stroke ....

Item 3: yes, I used the word 'invite' as a bit of pleasantry. Again, I had already taken care of the situation .. the 'offer' was to ask you to pick "another" name, having already explained why your choice wasn't going to fly here.

Item 4: I have as yet to read any of the 40+ PMs sitting here waiting right now ... that action waits until I catch up on the public Forum postings .... and that came after I handled some e-mail, 20+ of those SpamCop.net related. BTW: you did not 'e-mail' me .. you sent a PM .... thus your 'public posting' is all I've seen thus far ... as stated, your description has a number of holes in it ....

Item 4: you could have looked around just fine without Registering at all. Due to spammer activity, posting does require Registration. That your first posts are related to how you believe some Administrative decisions and actions were handled, then getting carried way by the fact that this volunteer was not sitting at the keyboard for the rest of the night, day, whatever .... you've not made much of an impression, as far as I'm concerned.

Item 5: This is a "support" venue for issues relating to the use of the SpamCop.net tool-set. I'm having a pretty hard time working up that the fact that you 'needing' to use a specific name that I already vetoed just so you can 'look around' is anything but a tremendous waste of everyone's time.

Item 6: "Do I change other people's name?" .... not only has that happened, but I Ban folks also. The porn spammers, the pill spammers, the lunatic fringe, etc. .... Yes, this is all part of that Admin crap involved in trying to keep this thing somehwat cleaned up and running ....

Bottom line: get over it. I gave you my immediate reasons for the name-change, offered you the opportunity and instructions to pick something else. Others here have expanded those same reasons. I'm here now, I'm answering your remarks (again, still have yet to read your PMs directly) ... If you get around to wishing for omething better than 'somethingelse' ... the data in my original PM is still valid.

Later Edit: after reading your PM traffic, I see no reason to expend more time on this. As stated above, the name change was the first thing I did, as soon a it was noticed. PM was sent later. You description would assumedly be based on how you have your e-mail tool configured ??? I don't know .. again, the name change was accomplished 3 or 4 minutes pror to the PM being crafted/sent .. possibly boiling down to your browser refresh ... whatever ....

Last 5 ACP Actions
Member Name Action Performed Time of action
Wazoo Changed Member Name 'spamtrap' to 'SomethingElse' Dec 8 2006, 04:03 PM

Welcome to your control panel
Sent Items
Message Title This message was sent to Date
User name SomethingElse  Dec 8 2006, 04:09 PM

at the hospital about 1620 ......

Welcome to your control panel 
Changing my Username SomethingElse [ Add to Buddies ] Dec 8 2006, 06:45 PM
Re:User name SomethingElse [ Add to Buddies ] Dec 8 2006, 06:21 PM
Re:User name SomethingElse [ Add to Buddies ] Dec 8 2006, 05:12 PM

OK, make that six minutes ..... whereas the Forum FAQ section pointed to does clearly state;

BE PATIENT. Please wait at least 48hrs before reminding the admin.

.... which was meant to cover situations like this, by the way ....

Your ability to pick and choose snippets to make your case is to be admired, yet .... it doesn't work for me ...

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