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Since I raised it over in Other sites / services like SpamCop?, it seems "logical" to post it here as well. No substitute for SpamCop - though noting it was discussed in the GRC newsgroups as a solution for an unsighted person who had accessibility issues in using SpamCop - Abuse! is "a software program that finds the correct abuse addresses and reports spam for you". It will "send LARTs", has the provision for trusted IPs (like a simple version of mailhosts) and permits the addition of extra reporting addresses (FTC, whatever you want). Moreover it has different messages/LARTs for UBE, open relay, whatever. SourceForge Abuse version is the download page.

The general consensus at the GRC newgroups seemed to be, all other things being equal, to use SpamCop instead :D. The Abuse! parser is not as sophisticated as SC's but probably okay for most cases. What it does not do is write off/devnul broken abuse addresses (expect some bounces) or bypass blackhats for more responsive upstreams and it does not support a DNSBL. Seems to work well enough on its own terms and users can (using their own resources) report the domains without a proper abuse address to RFCignorant.org. It is not a real SC competitor but may be useful if you're visually impaired and your accessibility tools can't handle the SC reporting process - and maybe also for manual reports and as a backup for those horrid times when SC reporting has gone belly-up.

It deals with the headers only - the spam source - doesn't touch the "payload", spamvertizements, etc - and it doesn't munge. It will just list spamvertized sites found in the body.

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