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Almost all Email is spam...


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The BBC is, today, carrying a report which claims that almost 93% of all Email is spam at present.

In the closing months of 2006 spam volumes jumped enormously. According to e-mail filtering firm Postini, spam volumes increased by 73% in the three months to December.

"92.6% of all e-mail messages are spam," said Dan Druker, spokesman for Postini. "That's the highest it's ever been."

I'm wondering if that chimes with our experiences here? Seems a little high to me although my figure runs in the upper 80 per-cent region.


Full report at www.bbc.co.uk

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I suppose only email system administrators can really quantify this as from the user perspective I guess it all depends on how much you use email in any one account in the first place & what spam filtering is in place.

The amount of spam an account gets in my experience is a 'rising constant', (I know that's a contradiction in terms, but you know what I mean...). Some accounts I hardly use at all for email purposes any more because of their unreliability & spam, so the spam in those is running at virtually 100%. Others I use infrequently for one or two messages a day & the spam in those is at about 99%, whereas the ones I use most frequently for email and get the least spam are probably running at about 70-80%

The BBC figure rings pretty true to me, perhaps even on the low side as I am not a prolific user of email.

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Thirty-two per day2 would be according to the English System I presume; which is peculiar because nobody in the Commonwealth uses it anymore… only the US.

Don’t get me wrong; I like the English system. There is something human-friendly about it; something organic and comfortable. In fact, in my “Living Will†I have a requisite that if I ever get killed in a car accident, I want it reported and recorded in miles per hour and not k/p/h no matter how the speedometer is calibrated. I’m still not totally convinced you can go fast enough in kilometers an hour to actually hurt yourself; but maybe that’s just me. And if anybody tries to bury me 1.8288 m. under the turf instead of 6 feet; well… I’m as like to come back and make them do it over so’s to satisfy.

However; a lot of things do seem to satisfy in the metric system better than the post-Assyrian conventions.

Case in point: we seem to be touching upon something we might call “The Universal Law of Depravitation†as it describes spam and the ‘nature’ of spammers.

F = G [m1m2/r2]


F = the Depravitational Force

G = 6.6726 x 10-11 N m2 / kg2

m = mass as defined as resistance to change of moral position which, although subjective, can be disambiguated and quantified using “Hedonistic Calculus†as per J. Bentham.

r = degree(s) of separation or ‘deviance’ between the centres of moral mass.

It’s a novel formula. Too bad it doesn’t seem to work for anything else in nature; needs more work, maybe.

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