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Spammer (trantec) using multiple domains


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There is a company here in FLA called trantec, based in North Miami Beach. They have registered literally dozens of domains that I have personally seen (and spent time running through InterNIC to directNIC to track down), and may indeed have many more I haven't seen yet.

The admin contact listed in the whois record is bogus (big surprise). When I contacted directNIC about this issue and asking that they at least track down all of this guy's domains and "freeze" them, I was told that it "wasn't their problem", that they "couldn't do anything about it". When I sent them a copy of the CAN-spam act, adn pointed out that they should "reasonably have known" this guy was a violator, I was variously threatened, stonewalled, then ignored.

directNIC advertises that they are one of the fastest-growing registrars, and I suspect I now know why. They basically turn a blind eye to what is pretty obvious abuse, just to keep selling more domains!

So now, how should I proceed? As I mentioned, the admin/contact info for trantec in the whois records is bogus, and directNIC will do nothing to shut down the multiple domains this guys has. So how do I shut this guy down? I'm just working on a relatively small government mail system, and I receive dozens to hundreds of spam mails hawking everything from Hoodia to car quotes, from multiple domains, all traceable back to this same company. A sample of one of the domain spams is below. Any suggestions?

Jan 22, 2007 7:15:13 AM Action: Message Processing Completed Client: From: WarrantyExtension[at]zubiman.com

To: ron.couch[at]co.manatee.fl.us Subject: 60% off coupon SMTP ID: M2007012207151001458

Jan 22, 2007 7:50:20 AM Action: Message Accepted Client: From: TVonPC[at]zubiman.com

To: doug.chichester[at]co.manatee.fl.us Subject: Watch TV on your PC in 2 minutes Size: 4310

SMTP ID: M2007012207502001713 Connection ID: 1068925

Jan 22, 2007 7:50:22 AM Action: Message Delivered Client: Server: localhost:10024

From: TVonPC[at]zubiman.com To: doug.chichester[at]co.manatee.fl.us Subject: Watch TV on your PC in 2 minutes

SMTP ID: M2007012207502001713 Connection ID: 1068923 Last Response: 254 2.7.1 Ok, discarded, id=11360-15-3 - spam

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Hi, matt.sullivan[at]..,

...Sorry, I can't answer your question (although I'd guess that the answer is, "you can't, unless you have very deep pockets and a lot of spare time on your hands"), I would suggest that you read SpamCop Forum thread "Spammers love Forum name = e-mail address" and then take the action recommended at the SpamCop Forum FAQ (link near top left side of any SpamCop Forum page) section labeled "SECTION 7 - Change of Username."

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