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Rant-Rave - Funny email from Admin


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Had to laugh, what an idiot...

From: Dating Tips [mailto:datingtips[at]datebeautifulwomen.com]

Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2007 9:45 AM

To: **********[at]reports.spamcop.net

Subject: Spamcop report id:********

Subject: Spamcop report id:********

To: ********[at]reports.spamcop.net

Hello SpamCop user,

Reporter has been removed from the mailing list.

He had signed up for an opt-in newsletter that follows the CAN-spam act, including signup confirmation. A check on the domain's registrant also shows the registrant is from the same location as the ip address of the person who signed up. (Near Surprise/Glendale, Arizona.)

A shame because record shows the reporter has been a loyal reader of the newsletter for two years. Clicking on the removal link at the bottom would have been a more appropriate action to take than reporting to spamcop.

My reponse, which I feel makes it funny too...

Thank you for removing the user.

I would never recommend that any user reply to spam or attempt to remove themselves from a spam list, this only verifies that the user holds a valid live account. The account in question is not a live valid account. I am the admin for the domain in question and I receive all emails to users who do not exists on the domain. The account in question was never created or live, ever.

In addition, yes a whois will show where I live, but I just moved here one month ago, 2 years after you claim someone from an account here signed up from the same IP. Yes I am on top of my tasks and update my whois information quickly, I manage many domains.

Sorry, if it looks like spam, smells like spam or tastes like spam, it probably is spam. It was reported as such for good reason.

Domain Admin for Said Domain

I used the report id at spamcop as my return address. :)

loyal reader ???? I have probably reported them before!

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...loyal reader ???? I have probably reported them before!...
Heh heh, I like that dhanna. If they're so CAN-spam compliant (and presumably give valid contact details in their bulk emails) I also find it pretty humorous, on checking, that *their* whois data is so anonymized. Obviously one needs to be in the (so exclusive) "club" to have that detail :D
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