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Help needed in the SpamCop Email Setup forum


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Hi, guys.

I'd like to assemble a list of instructions for setting up SpamCop Email with different ISP's and also different email clients.

If you are a customer with a medium-to-large ISP and have your email running through a SpamCop account, please post a description in SpamCop Email Setup of how you got it working.

For instance, I know Earthlink forwards email and has a web-based control panel. Can an Earthlink customer give us instructions, like go to this URL, click this button, click Email Options, and in there type your SpamCop address.

Or, cox.net cable modems may not allow forwarding. So, post that and then post what the cox.net POP server is, what the format of the username is, that kind of thing.

Please put the ISP you are posting about in the subject of the email. Anything posted there may be moved to our FAQs at some time in the future, or we may edit your post to make them all consistent or something. Basically, though, I'd like to get a list of the biggest domains and how to get their email into SpamCop accounts. JeffG already posted something for the popgate.cesmail.net domains.

Thanks a lot for your help.


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Telewest Broadbank in U.K.


Using Webmail and OE popping Spamcop with ISP as send and receive destination. This works reliably - no problem with bounces and throughput time is within a few minutes.

:) David

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