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MY you are good...and fast too, if a bit testy :)

Your 'testy' comes from a user bringing up an issue.

Research is done, a reply posted ..... no response from user

Time passes, same user brings up the same subject.

Research is done, a Reply posted.

No response from user.

Time passes.

Same user brings up the same subject yet again.

Research done, Reply posted ....

Nothing happens.

Time passes.

repeat ....

I am not harping on you alone, this has been oft-repeated here.

In another instance of the same issue, one user made a change in his/her settings, said it worked ... then after some time, complained that it didn't work again. Yet, when I checked the database, the settings were back to the original state ... but user states that they were not changed back by him/her ..????

Starting at the bottom I see for the first time that the email notification says, "There may be more replies to this topic, but only 1 email is sent per board visit for each subscribed topic. This is to limit the amount of mail that is sent to your inbox."

I suppose I haven't read the blurb in the past. This makes sense in a fast moving political thread, but in this forum with a handful of comments for most issues, it may make for missed relies.

On the other hand, this is not your typical support Forum. Folks here get a reply, and that may be part of the 'problem' here ....

Note on the front page, towards the bottom, the line now showing "31 user(s) active in the past 10 minutes"

I am of the suspicion that the 10 minute lag is part of the background 'problem' ... when looking at the definition of a "Delayed" notification. the 'Delayed' setting includes that no notifications are sent out if you are 'on-line' .... add in that 10 minute lag time after you decide to log-off, which may have included time you spent reading elsewhere.

Running in that scenario, you make your post .. someone replies while you are still on-line (or within that 10 minute lag time) .. you receive no notification.

No future posts are signalled as getting a notification based on the fact that there were 'new' replies made while you were still on-line ....

If this was like most of the other support Forums that I frequent, this 'problem' wouldn't come up .. another recent discussion here led to talk about another "Active Forum" that had unanswered question dating back to 2004. As noted in several different ways by numerous folks, that simply doesn't happen here. Rather, the 'problem' may be that replies come too quickly after they are asked.????

As stated in the original Topic/Discussion, I reset your subscription type from Delayed to Immediate .... which is defined that any new Reply/Post in that Topics generates a notification e-mail to you ... and am noting here that this in fact worked .....

If this was a "fast moving political thread" you would be inundated by these notifications, but ... few Discussions here actually get lengthy .....

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