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Birth date data


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Is the availability of DOB data really significant info for identify thieves? How so? And, if so, there are a lot of forums out there allowing people to post their DOB publicly as well as publicly available birthday databases with this type of info.

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The PM was received by one of those folks that managed to Register here using his e-mail address as a 'display name' .... a whole different issue ...

In the case of 'this Forum' ... not really a lot of time spent worrying about it, actually. It would take a whole lot more work to take a user's chosen 'display name' here, marry that up with a birthdate (if it was entered) and turning that into someone's actual identity ....

The typical 'use' of a birthdate would be for the use of a COPPA set-up, which I eventually truned off. The instructions were for a parent/guardian to FAX or snail-mail the authorization for a minor to get into the middle of all this .... absurd in my opinion, as who's to say that the child involved printed up and signed his/her own authorization to begin with? Yeah, maybe something for the legal aspects, but in reality ....????

(The real work has been to try to keep this as close to a PG-13 <or less> area for the most part, admitting that some of the spam spew does make that hard at times ...)

This Forum application does in fact have a setting to 'announce' people's birthdays as a part of the 'status' block. This is also turned off. Some older folks object to people knowing their age ... some folks get ticked off when they get a response (no matter how appropriate) from a 12-year-old ....

Anyway, seen as not-applicable for the most part within the confines of 'this' Forum ....

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