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whose leg are they pulling?


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...so what's their deffinition of spam?

(sort of made me laugh)...

Me too, Dr A. Noting too that an Estonian website promoted via a Thai mail provider using a fake mail address is "perfectly normal" for all those "non-spamming" purveyors of false hope to the chronically tormented and desperate. "Psoriasis - the most dangerous illness of 21 century!" indeed. Here I was, thinking AIDS, avian 'flu, TB, B12 and iodine deficencies, ... - guess I was thinking about the wrong values of "dangerous".
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This is not a spam. We take your email adress from open source!

Most people who have heard of the term (with the possible exception of some Microsoft executives) no doubt imagine without much reflection that "open source" is a Good Thing, like "hybrid," "recycled," or "whole grain." So, I guess it is inevitable for a spammer to hide scraping and dictionary-attacking under the term.

Still, this sounds like something worthy of Joseph Heller and Catch-22.

Also seems kinda quaint to me as well, since I very seldom get any more spam these days where the sender even bothers to tell me it isn't spam. Most of my tormentors (Yambo etc.) just send it anyway without the fig leaf.

-- rick

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