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Hanaro lays it out


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It has been reported elsewhere that comments about Korean spam in the Korean press drew expressions of "surprise" from the Korean providers who professed ignorance of their lousy reputation outside their borders. Perhaps that might have something with the following which is, I think, the first response I have ever had from Hanaro.

Thank you for your report.

We received your spam report and are now in the process of taking care of it. Hanaro Telecom, Inc. will warn those who transmitted spam mail contrary to the Article 50 of "Act on Protection of Information and Promotion of Information Communication Network" not to send spam mail any more. If a spammer does not stop sending spam mail, Hanaro Telecom, Inc. will report spam mail transmitter to the related authorities and look into legal action to compensate for the mental and physical damage.

[Related Provisions of Laws and Regulations]

- Article 50 of the Act on Protection of Information and Promotion of Information and Communication Network

(Restriction on Transmission of Advertisement Information) - â‘  Anyone cannot transmit the profit-based advertisement information contrary to the expressed opinion of a recipient not to receive such mails.

â‘¡ Those who want to transmit the profit-based advertisement information by e-mail under the regulation of the Article, they should indicate in such e-mails information on as in each of the following subparagraphs as specified by the enforcement regulation of the "Information and Communication Act".

1. Purpose of transmission and main contents

2. Name and contact information of transmitter(or sender), etc.

3. Matters related to the opinion of denying further reception

※ for more information, please refer to the Antispam Policy of Hanaro Telecom, Inc on website (http://www.hanaro.com)

※ We can’t manage the reports for a spam Mail sent to a wrong mail account.

So you should report to abuse[at]hanaro.com

Kindly soul that I am (apart from occasional dark thoughts involving short and sharpened stakes, hunting down with hounds then flaying alive with shards of glass, permanent activation of the trigeminal nerve, messy evisceration and similar light fancies) I imagine language might have something to do with some part of the previous unresponsiveness. Try using BabelFish to translate a simple phrase into Korean then translate the resulting phrase back into English to see what I mean. A phrase I once chose was "Help me, I am an amateur proctolgist," and the result made me very glad I'm not (although I may have listed same amongst "Hobbies" in one or two unsuccessful employment applications at some stage in the past ... but I digress). I would not recommend dealing with Hanaro via on-line translations. The English they use above is, of course, more than adequate.
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Seems to me that a few years back Hanaro, Kornet, etc. "came to Jesus" due to the massive accumulation of abuse, and things began to get better afterward. Then they got worse again.

I suppose it's good that the backsliders acknowledge their return to their sinful ways. Anyway, my impression (from my inbox, at any rate) is that they haven't returned to their previous levels of spam web hosting. They do still transmit a lot of spam mails, however.

-- rick

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Ironically, the amount of spam I'm seeing from Hanaro seems to have increased steadily ever since their first (and, so far, last) response to (manual) LARTing described above. I say (just) ironically because I know that cause and effect are not demonstrated by the apparent correlation of volume and elapsed time ('sides which I haven't bothered to extract the actual frequencies to even run a chi-square). No need to be paranoid (I tell myself). Enough for me to know my "kindly" side is, once more, stranded and blinking like a sun-struck shag on a rock in the harsh glare of an uncaring reality and still the world turns. I shall continue to think charitable thoughts (while I sharpen up a few more stakes).

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