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Intermittent Failure


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I have Lotus Notes R5. I get too much spam, and I report a lot of it. I export the entire message to my hard drive, then forward the message (using LN) to Spamcop. I insert the stored text file, delete the message part, and send it along.

Occasionally, I get a Spamcop response saying that no header or source I P was found, even though it shows the source IP.

What could be missing?

This process works for >95% of the messages that I send to SC.


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Could you provide a tracking URL for a failed and maybe a successful parse? Last job, before change to Outlook/Exchange I was using Lotus Notes v5 and doing the same as you.

sorry this took so long. our spam filters are getting better.

one that worked


one that did not


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This submittal is all mesed up...

Received:  from ([]) by mdairnmail2.mdacc.tmc.edu with ESMTP id 
KP-BRCRK.82715756;	  Fri, 04 May 2007 12:41:04 -0500

Received:  by mcsv1.net (PowerMTA(TM) v3.0r26) id h7do30093lo7 for 
Fri, 4 May 2007 13:39:04 -0400 (envelope-from 

Thank you.

First is the blank line which is causing your problem here. The first blank line in an email message indicated the end of the headers and the beginning of the bodt, so the first line is the only header provided. Figure out where the blank line is coming from (see below). Is mdairnmail2.mdacc.tmc.edu your server?

Next, your procedure for transmitting headers is wrapping them incorrectly. My guess is you are using notepad or something similiar and you have wordwrap enabled. Each header should be on a single line OR the continuation needs th begin with one or more blank spaces. If this line were the only one showing this problem, and you are not mcsv1.net, it could be possible the headers were messed up by the sending server, but there are other lines as well and these also exist on your working example.

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