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German pump and dump


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A new one on me. Seems to me a lot of this getting through the Spamcop filters and into my inbox the past week or so. Reporting as much as I can but the tide seems never-ending! :blink: Some new virus or malware out there I guess...?

If you could do a full SpamCop report and provide reporting link like


You may get advice for an effective way to attack spammer back

Check links of my Signature t make sure your computer is not "open"

(Moderator Edit to break link which is NOT a tracking URL)

Thanks I have replaced it with a SpamCop tracking URL

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Some new virus or malware out there I guess...?

I am getting this as well, although most of it seems to be image based (like most other stock spam) and probably most of it gets detained by SpamCop without my seeing the pretty pictures. Occasionally, I see one of these where the image containing the stock tout is hosted on a website rather than being embedded as a MIME attachment.

I'd guess just a new perpetrator, or a new M.O. (including DAX ticker symbols) for an existing fraudster. Probably he's using the same mail-sending botnets that everyone else does.

-- rick

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A bit O/T but good to see the lusers spamming HotMail customers are getting a hard time Microsoft sues alleged stock scammers Company files 'John Doe' lawsuits against spammers using Hotmail to engage in stock pump-and-dump scams.

Hoping to tackle the growing problem of pump-and-dump stock scams Microsoft has quietly filed lawsuits against at least three alleged perpetrators who it says used its MSN Hotmail networks to promote stocks. 3 down 10? to go.

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