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Primus Canada wrong reporting address


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I got the following autoreply from Primus Canada (only necessary parts quoted):

This is an automated message. Please do not reply to this message.

You recently sent a message to abuse[at]primus.ca (or one of our other abuse

email addresses). Due to the volume of spam being sent to this email

address, emails sent to this address are not dealt with directly.

Primus Canada does not allow or condone any violation of our Acceptable

Use Policy, which is online at:


To report a violation of our AUP, please send details to "aup violations

AT primus DOT ca". To turn that into a real email address, remove the

spaces and replace the uppercase words with the appropriate characters.

We apologize for this extra step, but by re-sending your message you help

us to dedicate the time to your complaint that it deserves. To help us

investigate your complaint, please provide the following information:

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