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Header not found. - forwarding yahoo mail

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I'm trying to set up one of my 2 Yahoo! accounts Mailhosts, I went the long way about, and selected all 7 of the mail server options, I received all 7 e-mails, but 3 of them (well, atleast, I think 3 of them...) are giving a reply back stating "Headers not found."

I was able to setup my primary spamcop address fine though over gmail....so I don't know if it's a Yahoo problem or what..I followed the same method I use for reporting spam that comes to the yahoo address, "Forward as Attachment" and pasted the coded address into the To: field.

Now I guess my question is, even though I got these 3 errors, am I "set" for reporting spam that comes to this address now?

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As stated in the Pinned entries, in my attempted MailHost Configuration FAQ entry here, and in og, so many previous Discussions, the only way to make sure that things are all just great is to actually submit some spam, analyze the resilts, and make a decision.

And as also stated repeatedly, one must be aware that things can change in the future, so this is not a set-once-and-forget type thing. Many folks have been caught unaware of changes that their ISPs have made in their routing, server farms, etc.

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