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Anybody have a clue how many spams can be submitted to ftc in a mime digest? I've occasionally added their address to the distribution list that I use for spam submission (currently SpamCop and KnujOn) with the result that a day or so after the submission my mail to is bounced back with a message something along the line of "mime depth too great".

I've attempted sending emails in to webmaster, postmaster, etc. but have received no answers.

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Numerous things involved herre. One of the obvious, spammers send attachments .... many places / addresses drop thoses kinds of e-mails as a matter of course. Some go even further and drop any HTML crap ...

Then, one goes to just what the FTC does with these inputs. It places these submittals into storage for use by "authorized users" for their research, data, whatever. Your attempt at submitting a dozen spam samples in a single e-mail probably drives their parser totally nits ... one spam body wants to be sent to the "drugs" catefory, yet the next spam body wants to be sent to the '419' folder, the next spam body demands to be sent to the 'phish' folder ..... yet, this is only "one" e-mail (submittal) .....

You express an issue about submitting .. yet their end is the issue of just what to do with your submittal ....

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FYI: The address is spam[at]uce.gov now, the other one was retired in 2004.

Good catch .. I missed that bit of detail. On the other hand, I did state previously that there was a SpamCop FAQ entry 'here' about it ....

Other information, help and links

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CAN-spam Act of 2003 - Bill Number S.877 for the 108th U.S. Congress

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spam uce.gov replaces uce ftc.gov


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