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Don't have SpamCop

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I do voluntary work for a charity. We have our email on eclipse using SpamAssassin. This although tuneable does not stop that Vyagra stuff because it has different source details every time. We are getting hundreds of them.

Our host says get a further spam filter on our PCs. Presumably they mean configure OE?

Thing is we also use their webmail facility which as far as I know has no further chance of protecting once we've configured the sensitivity settings.

Being a bit green at this we are looking for further advice?

What's our next step?


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...We are getting hundreds of them.

...What's our next step?

OK to be clear, it seems to me that you're aksing what else you can do to reduce the amount of junk Email that arrives with you.

There are many options open to you. A lot of folk like the SpamCop flat rate Email account which is very effective but if you already have SpamAssassin working then the Email box filtering may not provide significant extra benefit.

I would imagine you should check that SpamAssassin is really filtering as effectively as you would wish. The configuration of SpamAssassin is probably not a topic to unpack right now.

Other services/solutions I've seen used effectively include SPAMfighter http://www.spamfighter.com/len and SpamPal http://www.spampal.org/

I've not used either and make no assertion that either will do what you need but they might be useful.

Other Email programs might provide better spam filtering than Outlook or Outlook Express.

The problem with all these is that you still need to receive the messages before they are filtered out of the way. So getting your SpamAssassin settings more keenly tuned would be better IMO.


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