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Keep getting blocked


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I am trying to figure out why we keep poping up on the list. Here is part of a message:

Client host [] blocked using bl.spamcop.net; Blocked - see http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml?

The problem is that my mail should be going to .74 not .73. All of my DNS is correct if I check that via dnsstuff.com. But Spamcop keeps showing me as a totally different address and I am not sure where they are getting that address

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ns3.worldnic.com reports the following MX records:

Preference Host Name IP Address TTL

10 mail.iowaofficesupply.com 7200

Howeveer, this is your "incoming" e-mail server.

http://www.senderbase.org/senderbase_queri...g= shows no 'outgoing' e-mail from this iP address.

Volume Statistics for this IP

Magnitude Vol Change vs. Last Month

Last day 0.0 N/A

Last month 0.0

This server does not appear to have actually "sent" any e-mail ...

07/18/07 15:43:08 Slow traceroute

Trace ... RTT: 27ms TTL:170 (MILXWI14H03JP01-SO1-0-0-2.mcleodusa.net ok) RTT: 37ms TTL:170 (CDRRIA10H00JP01-SO1-0-0-2.mcleodusa.net ok)

* * * failed

* * * failed

(could assume a firewall????)

But of course, still raising the question ... why are you posting from the same IP address as your alleged e-mail server?


Date of first message seen from this address 2007-04-02

Volume Statistics for this IP

Magnitude Vol Change vs. Last Month

Last day 2.3 -69%

Last month 2.8

No Report History for the last 90 days, so any listing would apparently be due to spamtrap hits.

Several issues seen .... the first of which is probably key to the whole thing ... you need to find someone who actually knows just how your network is configured .... then start the troubleshooting process ...

There are numerous FAQ entries here that deal with getting listed/delisted ... and of course, the thousands of folks that have been there themselves ... all that history is available in other Topics/Discussion here ...

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