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Adding Domains

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I have about 15 domains that I have added to the system to be filtered. I have added them to the mail host and all tests were sucsessful but only 2 are showning up in the drop down menu. Is there a limit on how many domains I can filter? Or is there another problem?



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The term "Domains" does not necessarily translate into "MailHosts" .... how many of these "Domains" are actually hosted at the same ISP, which then in theory use the exact same set of mailservers offered up by that ISP?

I'm also having issues with your words "added to the system to be filtered" .... the title of this Forum section has been changed a number of times to try to remove the confusion factor. The Mailhost Configuration of your Reporting Account involves no filtering on or for anything. It is exactly as stated, a configuration of your Reporting Account, such that "your" mailhosts are recognized during the parse of the submitted spam.

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