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Reporting system down / up - 21 Aug 2007


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As noted in the graphic/link at the top right of this page, The Reporting system is down.

As pulled from the newsgroups;

From: Ellen <nobody[at]spamcop.net>

Newsgroups: spamcop,spamcop.geeks,spamcop.help

Subject: System down for maintenance

Followup-To: spamcop

Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 12:13:11 -0400

Message-ID: <faf2vk$cno$1[at]news.spamcop.net>

NNTP-Posting-Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 16:13:40 +0000 (UTC)

User-Agent: Thunderbird (Windows/20070728)

Xref: news.spamcop.net spamcop:166385 spamcop.geeks:26256 spamcop.help:94565

The reporting system is down for unscheduled maintenance. Sorry for the


The email system is not affected by this maintenance.



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