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Yet another SpamCop.net FAQ issue


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Newsgroup thread starts at [schelp] report bounces

At issue, SpamCop.net currently off-line ....therefore, the original/official FAQ isn't available either ....

Then while researching the 'needed' information in the Forum version and the Wiki, I find that the actual entry needed only exists as links back to the original/official FAQ ... ooops!

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To which, I'll add yet another oooops!

The specific data 'needed' is in fact already in the Wiki .. shame on me ....

Most embarrassing, I generated the page in question .... geeeze ....

Later note: Gadz .... 2006-02-19 20:59:10 ... been around this long .. and still no evidence of the Wiki's existence on the 'offical' fAQ page .... wow ....

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