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Held email returns

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spamcop.net' post='58993' date='Sep 1 2007, 03:23 PM']<snip>I ended up making a posting in the suggestions category that such a category be made. So after the category is made, I can (maybe) find out where to send the PM, after which I could request a name change. <snip>

The suggestion was made that you post in the Forum section. You could also try the Lounge (where any question is welcome).

Is it such a horrible thing to have one's post moved - if a moderator thinks it would be better answered in another forum?

I agree it is frustrating when one can't seem to describe one's problem (I sometimes have a difficult time myself since I am not a 'detail' person. Detail people are the ones who can solve problems, but they can be very irritating by insisting on details and exact meanings of words, however that's why they solve problems.) - however, one reason that help is effective from emailing support and all you get here is questions is that 'they' can see data that 'we' have to ask for - and even after asking for the data and getting it, 'we' may not be able to see what is wrong, though many times the answer is obvious after 'we' get the data.

Miss Betsy

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