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CwndSessionMonitor Application Error


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Received via e-mail ... brought here as it turns out to be so 'famous' and the answers (?) I found elsewhere were so bad, confusing, screwed up, lacking in detail, etc., etc., etc.

On one of the ARC computers, this error message for CwndSessionMonitor iexplore. exe Application Error keeps popping up. The instruction at "0x62303924" referenced memory at "0x0216304c". The memory could not be "read" Click on ok to terminate the program.

In the olden days, both of those 'number strings' would be different everytime it happened, changing due to the way things got loaded into memory. However, microsoft 'fixed' some of this <g>

I googled the error message and looked for it on microsoft, but couldn't find anything, but then you know how searching and I don't get along.

My attempt focused only on the first 'number string' you provided. Seems that this is pretty famous, basically pointing to an XP installation, still using IE6 (which you partially confirm later on) .... I didn't find enough specific data to determine if it's either XP-Pro, XP-Home, or simply XP SP2 period ....

Hey, I found it - it has something to do with Java and is supposed to be fixed with IE 4.0 and later. We have to have IE 6.0 on this machine which is what it says it is so it should be ok.

I found a number of pointers to all sorts of other applications, though an overwhelming mahority of them seemed to focus on Yahoo stuff. On the other hand, a ton load of the 'discussions' lacked the user coming back with the actual fix .. and that's even if the user ever showed up again (leaving the impression that the suggestions probably did solve the problem????)

The common theme in all that I looked at pointed to third-party add-ons for IE6.

Looking at an XP-Home install here still running IE6 ....

right-click in the IE icon on the desktop ... select Properties

Click on the 'Peograms' tab .... at the bottom of that window, click on "Manage Add-ons"

On that window, there's a drop-down meny labeled "Show:" .... start with the 'currently loaded' option

Make a call on which items don't 'really' need to be running, select and disable those (perhaps take some notes on just what you're doing here)

Depending on just how many and what they are, it might be easier to disable them all, shut down, re-boot, etc. Give it a good work-out and see if the problem has gone away. If so, go back in and enable a few of those add-ons, repeat the above exercise until you find the one that's causing the grief. Then decide what to do about it .. re0install a fresh copy, don't use it, whatever ....

(we can't access ARC sites unless we have IE 6.0 which is a big nuisance)

Not sure I follow that actually ... for instance, when looking at 'your' site, I have used IE6, IE7, FireFox, Safari ... I don't recall any major issues with any of those browsers.

What this typically means is that the site was 'tailored' for IE, probably using some code that's not handled gracefully by other browswers .... as noted here in a few other places, even the current IPB Forum application (and this one is not current) ofcfers some access issues for a number of folks not up to 'current' software. Closer to home, there's a section of the ACP on 'this' installed version that I can't use with IE7, I have to use FireFox to make edits in that section ....

It says it causes desktop instability - which it does. I couldn't get anything to work a little while ago, but everything was ok when I turned off the computer and then turned it back on again.

Unfortunately, re-booting does seem to remedy a bunch of things when running under Windows <g> On the other hand, that drop-down meny has another option that will list "Add-ons that have been used by IE" .. so the 'problem' may ot really take effect until / if / when you hit a web-site or attempt to handle a file that then attempts to pull in one of these add-ons ....????

Anyway, it is getting annoying. What can I do about it?

To repeat some of the obnocious answers I had to wade through trying to reseaxh this ....

dump Windows, go Linux

re-install everything

take it back to the store

hire me

beat the user with the keyboard, get creative with the mouse cord

Here's hoping that this post helps more than most of what I've read about this problem .....

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I will look at tomorrow, but at least I can still 'fix' it by turning it off and then back on again!

A novice was trying to fix a broken Lisp machine by turning the power off and on. Knight, seeing what the student was doing spoke sternly: "You can not fix a machine by just power-cycling it with no understanding of what is going wrong." Knight turned the machine off and on. The machine worked. - ...
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I will look at tomorrow, but at least I can still 'fix' it by turning it off and then back on again!

It's been a few days. What I'd like to see/hear is that there will actually be a search engine result that has some feedback from the original poster that identified the problem, hopefully the 'extra' software that caused the issue.

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Are you kidding? I just don't have the energy you do! The next day turned out to be an 8 hour day - working for real money. Saturday, I tried to sort through our personal accounts and get them updated. Sunday, I was up early for church and then spent a couple of hours trying to get ARC accounts ready for quarterly reporting, went to church again, and then napped, wrote a newsletter (short email type), and went to bed. Today, I answered email, worked at pay job again, checked in at ARC and found the MS Office disk that nobody could find after a volunteer erased the program, checked on some paperwork, helped volunteer with how to use MS Word, came home, had long talk with daughter, and now am ready for bed.

Before I look at this problem (which can be solved by turning off computer), I need to figure out how to edit web page, buy a wedding present, interview a volunteer to see if she really knows anything (unfortunately, even if she does, she says she doesn't see as well as she used to, so I don't have high hopes of being able to get her to take over part of what I do) and figure out how to add a computer to the network (hopefully I won't have to do that, but considering that I told someone who was bugging me about updating the website that really they needed to have someone who really knew what s/he was doing because I wasn't sure, then ask me if I could teach him how to do it! I said, no I can't because I don't know what I am doing!, I have a feeling that the 'expert' isn't going to show up. Is it true that an old computer that has a new hard drive is still old because it's the same motherboard?)

One of these days I will get to it!

Miss Betsy

PS I don't think it was extra software. What started it, I think, was because someone got impatient with an online program and didn't exit properly. I know we had to turn off the computer then to get things straightened out. OTOH, it might have been something the volunteer who erased the MS Office program did that I don't know about.

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