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Release & Whitelist fails


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Admitting to some aggravation here ... lack of FAQ data, lack of dialog between various entities, lack of making some data publicly known .... this post triggered by a newsgroup thread started by one user, included activity by a number of folks, then yet another user adding in some commentary that included e-mail dialog between her and paid-staff ...

Issue: Release & Whitelist action taken on a 'good' e-mail. Future Whitelisting doesn't happen.

Problem: Release & Whitelist action only works with data found in the From: line of the e-mail.

In the case offered up today, the From: line of the e-mail looked like this;

From: =?UTF-8?B?Q1NNb25pdG9yIEhlYWRsaW5lIE5ld3MgU2VydmljZQ==?= <www[at]csmonitor.com>

which most e-mail clients 'translate' this b64 encoded stuff to display;

From: CSMonitor Headline News Service <www[at]csmonitor.com>

The result is the b64 stuff actually being added to 'your' whiltelist, but the white/black-listing code only uses plain old ASCII .... so the White (and Black) listing code doesn't grok that data while trying to do its work.

The actual Whitelist checking code looks at the From: line, the Sender: line, and the Return-Path: line. The "how to use the Whitelist" instruction then becomes "add the data from the Return-Path: line manually to your Whitelist" (as in this case, the Return-Path: line read as Return-Path: <bb3dm04csm[at]dmpop.echomail.com> ... so specifically add dmpop.echomail.com to your Whitelist ....

Up for discussion before trying to work up a FAQ / Wiki entry to cover this 'problem' ....

(some) References: What headers are checked?

How do entries work?

FAQ about the personal webmail filters, Client filters within webmail

Whitelist (wiki Definition)

[scmail] whitelisted, but still held

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