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75% from one source


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I got 41 spams in my held mail in the last 18 hrs

a surprisingly slow day, so I decided to have a look for patterns and sources etc.

Turns out 29 are the same pattern, a little news clip, a link, and the sales pitch.

so if I could get my hands on that ONE person... no jury would convict me would they?

also for those that get 2000 spams a day, you have my sympathy, but remember this account I'm talking about is deeply personal, NEVER published and always had trojan/virus protection etc... I'm only getting spam because one of my friends and/or family either sent me an E-Card or got attacked...

but I digress...

actually its ALL a digression, but it sure feels good to dream

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I have hitherto suggested many options, including the permanent activation of the trigeminal nerve, flaying alive with shards of glass (the Vikings would then rub in salt and sew the subject back in his own skin - sheer class) and being seated on short and sharpened stakes (no merciful *long* stakes for such scum). All bad karma, I'm sure, but ...

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Since I come from Transylvania I recommend impalement, it's slow and very painful.
Well yeah Dr A, but Dracul was a wimp - he used the *long* stakes, sufferening lasted only a couple of days, tops, less for the well-nourished who tended to "gravitate" more quickly. That hardly seems symmetrical, in the justice department.
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It'is arguable, I know, but I am more or less convinced spammers are possessed by demons. Once convicted, I'd like to see them sentenced/required to get a diploma from a 4 year Bible College where computers are considered Satanic and confined to campus until they graduate.

Or they could just be hung with piano wire by a big toe with their head in a bucket of lizard sh**.

I'm easy either way.

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