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verizon whitelist


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If email from a particular person is constantly being blocked, I would suspect that they are using an unreliable email service in which case, the receiver changing to hotmail probably wouldn't help.

The best course of action probably would be to try to get an explanation from verizon or try their help forum. If you know why it is being blocked, then perhaps you could explain to your client why he needs to use another email provider that won't get blocked.

Since it is a client, I am assuming that you are using email for business. It might also be wise to choose another email provider for business email - a webmail that you pay for and so have more control over the whitelist.

Miss Betsy

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verizon white list is blocking e-mail from a client and when thay fix the problem it last for a day then back to blocking.

can i use a new e-mail account like hot mail to get around this?

I assume that you are using Verizon and the client is not, and that Verizon keeps blocking the client's mail to you.

You need to find out if it is really the whitelist that is doing the blocking. I am a Verizon user, and I know that they have some pretty aggressive spam filtering. Perhaps the client's mail is being blocked by "normal" spam filtering before it reaches the stage where it is checked against the whitelist. If true, this fits in with what Miss Betsy suggests, that the client is using a mail service that perpetually ends up on the blocklists that Verizon uses.

You could turn off normal Verizon spam filtering (via their webmail site), but this might radically increase the number of spams that reach your inbox.

If you switch to another mail service, chances are that this new service might be blocking as effectively as Verizon, so as Miss Betsy says, this will probably not change matters for your client. On the other hand, getting the client to use another mail service (a reputable one) might work.

-- rick

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