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I belong to a message board that is an interesting community. It has it's ups and down as members come and go but I've made some good friends there.

A few months ago some of the members received emails sent through Birdietell.com a site that allowed emails to be sent anonymously. The emails were crude, vicious and targeted several long time members. They referenced information that led most of us to believe they were sent by a member of the message board.

After a few weeks the board mods decided to ban any discussion of the incidents and let it just die-which it mostly did. However-a couple weeks ago I learned that a good friend of mine has been blamed for the emails-ironically by the person who most of us suspect sent them.

The accuser has convinced the board mods and owner of my friends guilt. She hasn't been banned-yet-because there is no proof but she is hurt. She also received the most vicious emails including one that suggested she make the world a better place by dying during an upcoming surgery.

I was an active spamcop member back in the day when WebTV had it's own team of spamfighters. Then I bought a computer and even have a life-sort of but I don't know what to do about this.

The site is closed, I did look into it and found this:

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)


Created on: 28-Nov-06

Expires on: 28-Nov-07

Last Updated on: 03-Aug-07

Administrative Contact:

Van Wicklen, Edward edvw[at]kindweb.com


P.O. Box 3853

York, Pennsylvania 17402

United States

(717) 515-1959

Anyone have any thoughts on what I should do about this or is it a dead end?


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Seems to me that it's way too late to do much of anything. If the e-mailer/re-mailer was really anonymous, then it would have to be up to what records the site owner actually maintained and how much data was actually captured/stored.

Umm-according to my friend-who just told me she contacted him- no records of the people using the site were kept. He said he closed it because of the things people were doing-misusing it.

I'm wondering if there are ISP records-I would think there would have to be. Let's say someone made threats and the police got involved. Not that I can threaten him with that but if they are availavle would it be possible to cross reference them to board members ISP (which there is a record of). Hopefully if I get that far i won't kill myself out of frustration.

The time frame for the emails was pretty much the month of February and fewer than a dozen people were targeted. Even fewer people are suspects.

Thanks for your imput Wazoo and anyone else who comments.

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