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e-mail host blocking


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The way things had worked for us before:

e-mail sent to admin[at]uptownbaptistchurch.org got forwarded to our <account>[at]spamcop.net

Our bootleg Web/e-mail host, hostforyou.com, has said that they were getting complaints about admin[at]uptownbaptistchurch.org from Spamcop, so they locked our church out from forwarding email to Spamcop.

how can i find out what happened?

It's very frustrating....i HAD been downloading our e-mails (through Eudora)from Spamcop, with very little spam getting through. Now, i can't download anything with them (They use "Neomail").

i'll switch companies first chance i get, but in the meantime..how do i find out the issue?

If Spamcop admins could call the company, i'd appreciate it. You looking for Kevin Walsh at 619-917-6725



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they were getting complaints about admin[at]uptownbaptistchurch.org from Spamcop

Sorry, but SpamCop doesn't actually work like that. E-mail addresses and Domain names aren't really the issue, as complaints are generally targetted at the "source IP Address" ... One of the first things might be that you were reporting "yourself" or that ISP .... I'm a bit curious right now about your current situation description .. you say they stopped "Forwarding:" to SpamCop, then you say you "can't down.load anything" ... whereas a quick check shows that they haven't (yet) actually whacked the site;

uptownbaptistchurch.org A (Address)

uptownbaptistchurch.org MX (Mail Exchanger) Priority: 10 www.uptownbaptistchurch.org

uptownbaptistchurch.org NS (Nameserver) ns2.hostforyou.com.uptownbaptistchurch.org

uptownbaptistchurch.org NS (Nameserver) ns3.aspadmin.com

uptownbaptistchurch.org NS (Nameserver) ns1.hostforyou.com.uptownbaptistchurch.org

www.uptownbaptistchurch.org A (Address)

ns3.aspadmin.com A (Address)

Perhaps they've just locked "you" out .. or that specific address?

BTW: No abuse address is registered with abuse.net

Anyway, perhaps a nice note to Deputies at admin.spamcop.net with your account data, description of what's going on .. they may be able to take a look at some outgoing, perhaps some of your reports, and possibly fill in the gaps in what's not seen from here.

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Resolved uptownbaptistchurch.org to

[uptownbaptistchurch.org has 1 MX record www.uptownbaptistchurch.org.(10)]

SPAMCOP SpamCop Blocking List: bl.spamcop.net ->

Blocked - see http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml?

Since SpamCop started counting, this system has been reported about 130 times by less than 10 users. It has been sending mail consistently for at least 48.1 days. In the past 337.1 days, it has been listed 27 times for a total of 36.3 days

Looks to me from the examples with subjects like:

"process - checks"

"stop paying for your - per view - movie channels - mature channels"

You either have a spammer or an open proxy or a trojaned machine.

You should have a professional look at it.

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