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Questions about this Forum


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Brought here from a PM

1. If my email address is not marked "private" in my profile, am I open for general spam, or only "spam" (snicker) from users of the board.

The e-mail address is not exposed, but yes, e-mail can be sent via the Forum application to/from/between users.

spam issues are addressed within the Forum FAQ links at the top of this page.

It should be noted that now and then, a spammer may actually slip into the midst. There have been some instances (actually the last was quite a while ago, maybe two years or so) that some idiot snuck in and started sending spam to other users, usually using the PM system, but (if I recall correctly) there was one that actually used the e-mail links. Trust me, they didn't last long. In all honesty, I never did figure out the 'selection process' used to pick the recipient users .. for example, choosing a user that had Registered in 2005, made a post, got an answer, and never came back. Not very high on a list of likely respondants in my mind, but .... understanding spammers is something I'm more than willing to let others try to handle.

2. Can I upload a personal photo, or is that off for everyone? I ask on the off-chance that it's allowed if people ask but just not generally advertised - and we all like to be special.

Also addressed withint the Forum FAQ Avatars/pictures seen as unnecessary, also causing extra traffic on both the server and the client's side, incurring much cost for some folks, and lack of these "extra's" also removes yet another possible source for hacking, scripting, and other general nuisance factors.

3. I entered by Yahoo ID - does this enable board members to IM me there (I hope)?

This data is 'visible' ... was among the variables involved with the decision to make the "view members data' inaccessible to Guests, Search Engine Bots, etc. Also addressed in the Forum FAQ

4. Will you accept my thanks for reading this? Even if not, thanks again. So there.

That's a tough one. Wazoo generally only accepts abuse in these parts.

PM sent to advise user of this posted Topic.

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