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Wiki Registration request


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Brought here from a PM;

Can you register me in the wiki?

Done. Details sent via PM.

Um, also, I never new there was a wiki till our last exchange.

And yet, I keep asking how this could be. Links at the top of the Forum page, Announcements in the Announcements section, links provided in both Forum and newsgroup replies over the years. Not giving you any grief, just trying to sort out why these things seem to be so invisible to so many.

Yes, I know that there is no mention of the SpamCop.net Wiki on the Original/Official FAQ page(s), but believe me, that's not due to a lack of trying to get it added. You know, it's been a hell of long time since any of the volunteers that provide the heavy lifting in the newsgroups, Forum, and definitely the Wiki have been acknowledged, much less thanked, by that small handful of paid staff.

I realize spamcop never (or nearly never) sends notices to its members, but maybe one "news" email every 6 months or year or so would not be out of line. Just thought.

The closest I got to trying that was trying notify users that had Registered here using their e-mail address as a 'display name' ..... I never made it through that list, as it turns out that folks were submitting those 'notifications of a new PM' as spam to the SpamCop.net Parsing & Reporting system.

Historically, the 'lack of user notification' scenario started way back when .. basically julian would fix an issue and move on the next hundred on his list. Why this situation still exists can't be explained by us lowly volunteer folks. I just brought that up again when I noticed that the search code had been changed on the www.spamcop.net Help page. One would think that after all the grief and dirty laundry exposed in public that someone would have said something, but ....

Hmmm. The wiki page at http://forum.spamcop.net/scwik/HowDoIRegis...hTheSpamCopWiki says,

"..., while keeping it out of the hands of those who only what to undermine or hack the Wiki; we are starting off with the following requirement...," which I took to mean that the registration form would not be publicly visible.

Perhaps I misread, because yet the registration form was nevertheless available to me through the _Login/Register_ link on that same page, which took me to http://forum.spamcop.net/scwik/UserSettings .

Ah, but .... there is a line for which you have no data to insert.

Way back when, Dbiel and myself were not sure if we could keep up with the much anticipated flow of people jumping in and getting involved with populating the Wiki. So the original thought was to somewhat handle new-user registration with just a single data exchnage, and even then limited the initial announcements/invitations to those that had contributed 'greatly' in the Forum. However, the flood never came, so the high-speed aspect of it wasn't needed. Then came along with some major code modifications which then made the 'automated' part of things a bit moot, as there are a few other things that need to be done by hand at the moment.

Upgrading a lot of that stuff has been on hold as the developer's have been "on the verge" of releasing the next major upgrade/version for ...??? well, for over a year now I'm thinking ..... They've been talking about an interim 'security upgrade' release for the last couple of months, primarily due to all the spamming/hacking that their site has undergone.

And again, I can't harp enough on the lack of participation. Even those that had jumped up and down for ages, suggesting repeatedly that SpamCop.net really, really needed a Wiki haven't bothered to actually get involved. Paid-staff has refused to participate at all. The age-old debate over "the Forum is going to kill off the newsgroups" has numerous folks not wanting to get involved simply because I put the Wiki in the only spot I have access to, the same server that the Forum runs on .... so because it's on forum.spamcop.net, which has the word 'forum' in it, they aren't going to touch it .... I don't understand a lot of that mentality.??

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