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Forum - visually impaired/blind interaction


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Another PM question;

How does the board perform for blind/unsighted people, fo you know?

Actual full research,details, some answers unfortunately are on my dead system, so would have to start/do that all over again.

Previous issue came up over in the newsgroups .... [scspamcop] Re: I'm not getting report lnks WazoO Actual discussion with that user went to e-mail. Issues I ran into;

Her JAWS tool I could never get to actually run on my systems ... thought was that my security settings were simply too strict to allow it to even get started ...

Recollections are that I did find two 'readers' that did work, another 4 or more that either didn't fly or had some serious issues.

I have no doubt that upgrading to the next version of this application will also cause more problems with some of that software .... the constant battle between 'kewl stuff' added to the application, changes in the Operating System (talking Windows here), and the base-code of the reader appplications always playing catch-up to the web stuff.

Just sticking to the JAWS application referenced by the only user that has hit me 'directly' with the issue, take a look at What's New in JAWS 9.0 for some examples of things gone wrong, features that didn't fly, things that did work once, then didn't, now do again ..... and that's just the 'major' applications running under Windows .....

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It should be noted that this question came up during dealings with a user that has chosen for some reason to attempt to do his/her Forum interaction through the use of PMs only. Although there are some specific code-base differences between entering/posting a PM and entering/posting a new Topic or a Reply to an existing Topic, the major section of code is the same codebase. My point being that I'm not sure I can identify as to how a user could manage to send a PM but not be able to actually Post into the main Forum section. To the best of my knowledge, this has never come up in the IPS/IPB support Forums.

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