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why is it that when i click on a period longer than 12 hours to stay logged in to spamcop site, it doesn't actually do it?

Lots of possibilities .. unfortunately, you didn't provide anything to start guessing at.

1. cookie in question would be assumed to involve www.spamcop.net, but you didn't say.

2. For a number of years, there was a coding problem on that page dealing with the 'time' setting selections. Howvwer, that was allegedly fixed at leasat a couple of years ago. In fact, I believe that was actually 'documented' within the Forum at the time .. worst case, newsgroup archives could be searched, but there's a small issue in that the person that would have been posting asbout it 'officially' was using the X-No-Archive:yes settings in his newsreader and the newsgroup server honored that request .. so, unless someone quoted his reply, that historic data simply doesn't exist in the archives.

3. Browser(s) used might be involved.

4. Browser configuration might be involved.

5. Privacy-type utilities might be involved.

6. on and on .. just tossing a few things out to get you started in providing something to possibly start checking, providing enough data for someone to even try to help (note all those How to Post a Question / Ask a Good Question links found scattered about.

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