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The Spammers' Compendium


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Link posted by the site author, John Graham-Cumming, in newsgroup grc.spam. I hesitated over whether to point to techniques that might be inspirational to the little devils and it is just a little self-promotional but

  • they came from "the wild" anyway (they're out there already)
  • there is no (evident) robots.txt on his site so they are thoroughly promulgated by search engines anyway
  • old tricks, if we know about them, are better (for us) than new tricks
  • genuinely new tricks might be discovered by readers here - and advised to John G-C to add to the "knowledge base"
  • a guy who knows how to use the plural possessive apostrophe obviously deserves support

So here it is - The Spammers' Compendium. Let none cry "new trick" until they first look there :D

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