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Spammed URL Will Not Parse


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Reports regarding this spam have already been sent:

Re: (Administrator of network where email originates)

Reportid: 2829558650 To: abuse[at]it.tiscali.com

Reportid: 2829558652 To: postmaster[at]tiscali.it

Reportid: 2829558653 To: abuse[at]tiscali.it

Someone else in another thread said that whenever they reported a spam, it said that the above.

Either you did manage to report it or there is a problem.

Miss Betsy

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Despite many reloads, the parser would not resolve the spammed URL, ht tp://gailroffcc.blogspot.com

Tracking link:


That is a redirect to jutangsoft.com, perhaps the parser is baulked by that, so is LinkScanner, some of the time. The misuse of blogspot.com-blogger.com should be reported to Google:


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That is a redirect to jutangsoft.com, ...
And I'm fairly sure reporting to them isn't going to do much good. Call me a pessimist but:


Chao Wao PTY

Xhing Pao (xhing[at]softwintersale.com)

35 Bei San Huan Dong Lu

Chao Yang District


CN, 100023


Tel. +86.10642138301 Fax. +86.10642138301

Creation Date : 2/6/2008 1:45:50 PM

Expiration Date : 2/6/2009 1:45:50 PM

Well, of course not all PRC domains are fronts for bottom-feeding spammer scum1 but then we see:


When I click on the link, I get redirected to jutangsoft.com. It

looks like the blogger pages have a META tag with http-equiv='refresh'

and a url of jutangsoft.com.

which goes back to reporting abuse to Google.

1Well, scum floats on top, sludge or dregs might be a more consistent noun.

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