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If you're recommending that the deputies discontinue reports there you will have to talk about the domains or IP address/address ranges. That's the starting point.

[added] Also - Google your email address(es). It won't help if [it is]/[they are] somewhere like spam Your Enemy or the subsequent 20 pages. Talk to registrar.1und1.info about "social responsibility" and the meaning of "tortious" if it is there, in those pages.

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So far today i have had 35 spam emails and 9 of them have pointed to this address after spam cop had checked them , And no my email addies or not on veiw on the web . So who would i talk to to try and get the address blocked

You can try


to take down the web site (it makes complaints to the registra)

You will need to register with (It is needed by complainterator)


Use your throwaway email account with them (like Hotmail etc)

DNSstuff do send a fair bit of email to try and get you to pay US$30 a year but it is very effective

intitially free

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...So who would i talk to to try and get the address blocked
In terms of SC reporting, that would require an over-ride by the Deputies - email deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net with your evidence/reasons to direct those reports to dev/null. They will probably ignore you if you fail to link that abuse address with the IP-address(es) to which it applies. And they probably won't request the info first (like I thought I did).

An alternative approach might be to post in the "routing" newsgroup - http://forum.spamcop.net/scwik/SpamCopNewsgroups - look for the routing group. This is usually used to argue the case for different reporting addresses to those currently provided and I should think a request for blocking reports fits the category. The idea is that a Deputy (usually Ellen I guess) will come by there from time to time and pick up anything that might be accepted or looked at for implementation or, occasionally, to comment on or discuss a submission there. The addresses of spam sources are primarily what is covered. I don't know that they have much/any interest in the reports about spamvertizers (which the reporter can simply "uncheck" without further consequence).

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I am not sure what you mean by 'blocked' - do you want reports to stop going there? (what other posters have assumed) do you want someone to take action against that email address? (that would take a complaint to yahoo.com.cn) do you want someone to do something about the website? (that's the complainerator comment) or do you want to block that email address in your inbox? (that would require you to adjust your filters).

spamcop does not block email addresses. it provides a list of IP addresses that can be used to filter out spam. The email address is the address that spamcop finds to send a report to about a particular IP address. In this case, (but you have not provided a Tracking URL so this is only a guess) it sounds as though probably only one IP address is involved. However, it could be more than one. Particularly spamvertized websites jump from one IP address to another just ahead of the measures to prevent them from operating or to escape being filtered.

Miss Betsy

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do you want someone to do something about the website? (that's the complainerator comment) or do you want to block that email address in your inbox? (that would require you to adjust your filters).

Miss Betsy

For me "happie498cn" is the abuse address for a pharm spam that is hidden in a google search link

I report the site to Google via their spam-web reporting page as well as a personal spamcop report to "happie498cn" via SpamCop reporting (I also think this address is suspect)

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two comments on this subject from newsgroups

Re: happie498cn[at]yahoo.com.cn

Spammer Mail Account -- Registrar of Spamvertised Websites




Please investigate this mail account owner for spamming.

See the appended additional spamitem below, which ties this mail account

owner to another spamvertised URL, to-wit: http: // www.Likesommins. com

Here is the SpamCop report "tracker URL" which shows the relationship of

the Yahoo! mail account to the spamvertised domain, and to the spamitem

included below:


This SpamCop report also contains a live link to their saved copy of the

original spamitem, preserved on their servers.

Earlier SpamCop reports referring to spamitems related to URL's and

domains under the responsibility of this Yahoo! mail account owner can

be seen here:



Your early attention to this matter, which was called to your attention

previously by the referenced cases/incidents encaptioned in the subject

and reference lines above, will be appreciated.

Yours truly,


<appended spamitem snipped, see first tracker above>

I've been complaining to Yahoo! about this guy's spamvertised domains

for a couple of weeks.



You might have better luck filing a coplaint at


If you do, mention in the body of the complaint that you "are already aware

that the spamitem did not originate with yahoo servers, so please do not

send the auto response to that effect."

I have had *fairly* good luck this way, getting yahoo accounts closed down.

Yes, it's a pain, and yes, we shouldn't be required to have a different

procedure for every ISP, but if you want action, this seems to be the only


Hotmail is another issue. I can't find an online complaint form for them,

and copying them on the SC report doesn't seem to work. It'd be nice to get

jafragare[at]hotmail.com closed down. It's been used to register *numerous*

spam domains.


Miss Betsy

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